Three One-Week Sessions!  June 8 – June 26

The Staff

Learning exciting techniques and produce great projects in digital music, digital video,  digtial photography, motion & graphic design


Work with other talented and motivated young people from across ndianapolis. Make new friends and work together on great projects.

Gain new skills, learn how to use great software, computers, professional level equipment. Also make new friends!


Our Founder, Rev. Bryan Hudson has over 48 years experience producing professional media.  All staff members are expert in their teaching areas.

The Projects

The Crew

The Rewards

Our Mission

Media plays a vital role in the lives of today's youth and in our world. The mission of the Vision Multimedia Workshop is to introduce youth to the multimedia arts of digital and interactive media. By providing access to high quality hardware and software, participants will learn to create multimedia and traditional art content.

Quick Facts

2015 Weekly Sessions:

Session #1: June 8-12

Session #2: June 15-19

Session #3: June 22-26

Mon-Fri 9:00am - 3:30p

Ages: 11 - 18

Cost: $65/week, $55/week for alumni, sibling or relative

What We Offer

The Multimedia in Focus 2015 summer media camp provides a wide range of exciting, hands-on opportunities for young people. The program provides participants with a head start to higher education or a future career in multimedia as well as gaining confidence and self-esteem through the creative and team building process. We also visit media and arts institutions, as well invite media/arts related guests to present at our “VisionTime” talks.

Why Three Weeks,
Not Five Weeks?


For this year, we had go with a shorter program to allow our Founder and Director, Rev. Bryan Hudson, to handle some personal obligations this summer. At this time, we don't have a staff person who can administrate this complex program without his assistance. Thank you for understanding!


Team Members



Jonathan Hudson, B.A.

Instructors Team Leader / Mentor

Video & Photography




Tyrone Bigbee, Jr.

Digital Music / Mentor




Cuong Tran, B.F.A.

Graphic Design, Motion Graphics

Interactive Media / Mentor





Bryan Hudson, Th.B., B.S., M.S.

Mentor / Instructor / Founder/Director





Barbara Edmond, B.S.

Program Support Assistant




Images From 2014 Media Camp


Key Support Partners:

Lilly Endowment Inc.

Christel DeHann Family Foundation

Mr. Reginald O. Jones

New Covenant Church,

Vision Communications


Vision Multimdia Workshop

New Covenant Church

4625 N. Keystone Avenue

Indianapolis, IN 46205